2013 Safety Incentive Program


Safety . . . Live it!

That’s what employees at States Logistics Services, Inc. are encouraged to do with the 2013 Safety Incentive Program.  Employees are incentivized when they promote safety, identify potential hazards or demonstrate safety-related behaviors.  By promoting safety, employees can earn t-shirts and cash, as well as compete against other States facilities to be the “Safest Facility of the Year”!

Safety 2013

Purpose of the 2013 SIP

Maintain a continuous awareness of safety in the workplace & encourage employees to take an active approach to safety that is supported & reinforced by the leadership of the company.   Safety awareness is intended to identify potential hazards or unsafe acts in the workplace, develop policies/procedures to prevent hazards, & bring a sense of pride & ownership in regards to safety to each facility, department & employee.

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