Recycling Mission Green

Since 2013, States Logistics facilities have recycled 4,008,690 pounds of trash and waste:

  • 183 metric tons of plastic (403,515 pounds)
  • 1,326 metric tons of paper and cardboard (2,923,830 pounds)
  • 309 metric tons of misc. recyclables (681,345 pounds)

 That’s nearly 75% of all trash from States facilities being recycled!

 The amount of weight recycled is equivalent to:

  • 100 Greyhound buses, 334 elephants, or 401 forklifts!

How does this help States Logistics?

We’ve estimated that an average dumpster picked up at a States Logistics facility weighs 800 lbs. If all the recycled weight was instead put in a dumpster, we’d have to have 5,010 extra dumpster pickups!

How can you help?

Each time you are about to throw something away ask, “Can this be recycled?” All facilities have, at a minimum, plastic, cardboard, and paper recycling bins positioned throughout the warehouse to make recycling as convenient as possible. Offices are also equipped with paper recycling bins.

Another way to reduce the amount of trash that we throw away is to use reusable products. Bring water bottles, coffee mugs, and silverware from home to use for lunch, and eliminate what you may currently throw away on each lunch break!

 States Goes GreenLet’s continue to make a difference in our recycling efforts for the rest of 2014!

Sustainability at States Logistics Services, Inc.