We Want to Hear How You’re Making a Difference

get out get dirty give backWe know many of you spend multiple hours helping a charity that is meaningful to you, volunteering through scouting or youth programs, getting active and raising funds for medical research, and cleaning up your neighborhoods.  We want to celebrate your efforts!

This year, we’d like to track how many volunteer hours States employees and their families spend on helping those less fortunate and improving our environment.  We’d also like to recognize your contributions to our planet and communities through recognition in our quarterly newsletter, States Logistics “Link”.

Personal volunteer hours that are eligible to be counted include:   Unpaid personal hours volunteered with a local charity or organization as long as you are not advancing a political or religious view with your efforts.  Eligible volunteer efforts include collecting donations of food, clothing, toys, etc. for those less fortunate.  Inclusions would be helping feed the homeless at your church, helping in your child’s classroom, or doing a fundraiser walk/run.  Exclusions include teaching a Bible Study, evangelizing, or coaching your child’s team so as not to pay fees.

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