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2016 Goal for Volunteer Hours

volunteerWe need your help to reach our volunteer hours goal of 4500 hours for 2016. Many of you spend multiple hours helping a charity that is meaningful to you. You volunteer through scouting or youth programs. You are actively raising funds for medical research. You are cleaning up your neighborhoods.
Your personal volunteer hours that are eligible to be counted in our goal are detailed below.
• Hours volunteered with a local charity or organization
(not for promotion of a political or religious agenda)
• Collecting donations of food, clothing, toys, etc. for those less fortunate
• Feeding the homeless at your church or anywhere
• Helping in your child’s classroom
• Participating in a fundraiser walk/run
• Coaching your child’s team (Must not receive a fee waiver for coaching)
• Assisting with school events
• Chaperoning a school dance, field trip, or outing

Submit your volunteer hours to Include: Name, date of service, activity participated in, hours volunteered, and the name of the organization that received your support. Also include non-profit funds raised or donations collected.