What does our LEAN Program Mean to Our Logistics Teams

At States Logistics Services, Inc, through our LEAN program, we pride ourselves on “thinking different” every minute, hour and day.  We think outside the box, challenge the status quo and relentlessly look for better solutions and opportunities to improve.

We had a fantastic and successful 2016 with our LEAN program, in thanks to the entire States Logistics team.  Team members suggested ideas and tried out new ones, participated in time studies, observations, meetings, and they tirelessly focused their efforts on continuously improving, becoming more efficient, becoming LEAN!

We successfully completed a variety of projects this year that not only improve the way we are operating right at this moment, but will set us up for future success by building a sustainable LEAN culture. In 2016 we completed 87 projects company wide over the course of the year.  The Projects were broken down into 3 categories : Productivity 26, Process Improvement Studies 43 & Culture Projects 18.

Our Productivity projects were focused on changing or modifying a step in a process vs the Process Improvement project required a time study of our current overall process and how the process can be improved for the future.  We also had Culture projects that focused on improving and building a LEAN culture in our logistics operations.

Learning – each and every day to be the best for our customers and team members
Engaged – every team member has a voice contributing to our success
Attitude – positive, respectful, dedicated
Never – never stop exploring, questioning and improving