American Logistics Aid Network Inaugural Humanitarian Award – Employee Engagement

September 26, 2017 – Atlanta, Georgia

Congratulations to Mr. Kirk Hellofs, V.P Operations & Business Development on receiving ALAN’s (American Logistics Aid Network) Inaugural Humanitarian Award for Employee Engagement. Kirk was honored at the Counsel of Supply Chain Professionals Management Conference in Atlanta in front of 3,000 of his peers in the Logistics Industry.  It recognizes the exceptional associates that States Logistics employs and their dedication to helping our community and the world.

One of the key elements for our recognition was the projects that we volunteered our services in our Inland Empire warehouse partnering with the American Logistics Aid Network & the Good 360 Organization.  Our coordination of Transportation services & warehouse labor for the shipments; the pillow loads that went to Houston and the school supplies and shipments to Africa.  These projects along with all the Volunteer Events that our Volunteerism Committee’s in California & Arizona coordinate and the selfless and generous efforts of the entire team at States Logistics Services has put us in the spotlight.  “Tremendous work by all – it makes me very proud to work with such compassionate and wonderful people!” said Ryan Donovan, President States Logistics Services, Inc.

ALAN Humanitarian Award for Employee Engagement

What is ALAN?

The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) organization came together after Hurricane Katrina to help provide humanitarian relief. ALAN is comprised of supply-chain businesses who stand together ready to respond in time of natural disasters. The organization is represented by experts in transportation, warehousing, cold storage, and distribution. ALAN helps locate and move goods from suppliers to affected communities.

At States Logistics, our employees feel it is our responsibility to come together as a team and give back to our community through community service projects.